How to Make Money in Real Estate With Foreclosures and Motivated Sellers

Achieve Financial Freedom via the Power of Real Estate

Proven methods to find, analyze, and buy real estate foreclosures. Discover a system for success that anyone can implement.


Make Money in Real Estate With No Money Down


Achieve Financial Freedom via Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to grow your wealth; it’s also one of the most versatile. Learn how to buy foreclosures and unlock the market’s best deals.


Find Your Clients Properties No One Else Can

Find homes that other real estate agents can’t access. Discover how to win investor clients with properties that the typical Realtor will never see and learn how to identify your market’s best deals.


Build a New Business That You Can Control and Scale

Build a business based on passive income and secure your financial future via the power of real estate. Get the tools and knowledge needed to scale your new real estate revenue.

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Sergio Rodriguez

“I got tenfold my money’s worth.”

Rosa Greenhalgh

“I was blown away by the amount of material and the steps provided.”

Lili Sanchez

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Simple Steps

Five hours of comprehensive video training

Master Foreclosures Before the Next Auction!

  • Why every investor needs a list
  • How to build your first foreclosure list
  • How to filter your list
  • Overcoming common challenges
  • Learning the best risk-management tool
  • Goals of the drive-by
  • The drive-by process
  • The best time to do a drive-by inspection
  • What to say to property owners
  • What property information to capture
  • The big picture with Property analysis
  • How to calculate resale price
  • How to calculate costs
  • Miscellaneous expenses (Don’t forget these!)
  • What is title?
  • Three ways to do title reviews
  • How to identify and manage risks
  • How to filter and prioritize findings
  • The foreclosure auction mindset
  • The auction experience
  • Solving common problems at auction
  • Last-minute auction preparations
  • Deciding whether or not to bid
  • How to door-knock
  • Tips on cold calling
  • Successful scripts
  • Advice on mailers


Now is one of the best times in history to buy residential foreclosures and other types of distressed real estate.


Homes in Foreclosure


Homeowners Need to Sell


Average Profit per Deal

Unlock a Proven System

Learn to utilize the same system that Aaron has perfected and proven with 1,000+ successful flips.

Find Deals in Any Market

Discover how to find and analyze real estate deals in any market and how to identify potential risks.

Invest in Real Estate Your Way

Get the tools to do a long-term buy-and-hold or a quick fix-and-flip so that you can invest in real estate your way.

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I got tenfold my money's worth today. I've already bought a couple of properties because of the foreclosure list, so I got some great ideas on how to take it to another level today. If Aaron did another course, I'd definitely come back again.
Sergio Rodriguez
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This event more than 100% met my expectations. The information that I obtained today is easy to take action on right away. I will definitely take any other course that Aaron provides. I 100% trust in him and everything that he delivered.
Lili Sanchez
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Real Estate Investor, Lifelong Entrepreneur, Family Man

In January of 2021, Aaron bet big on real estate and had returns of nearly 50% in under one year. Prior to that, Aaron flipped more than 1,000 houses and holds more than 800 single family properties for rentals. He was one of the first to invest in foreclosures in 2009 and started investing in Texas in 2015.

Additionally, Aaron has built several companies in real estate, construction, finance, and software focused on efficiency, productivity, and the “4-hour-workweek lifestyle.” As a lecturer, he helps others to work less and live more.

As someone who’s gone from “being broke to being blessed,” he’s hoping to help others succeed by sharing the knowledge, systems, and tools that he used to build an awesome life and achieve true financial freedom.